Javascript not loaded!


strange things happen nowadays. On my local jira server 8.2.5 javascript of web resource loads just fine.
When I deploy my plugin to DEV instance, nothing is loaded (no javascript file).
Can someone advice what to check?

My webresource def:

<web-resource key="configuration-scheme-resources" name="Configuration scheme Handle Web resources">
    <resource type="download" name="configuration-scheme.js" location="/js/configuration-scheme.js"/>
<!--    <context>configuration-scheme</context>-->

Loading the resource:

    <title>Handle configuration scheme</title>
    <meta name="decorator" content="atl.admin">

Need to point out I googled and tried to remove first slash js/… and couple of other things, but nothing helped…

Please try to remove


as i see you already load the javascipt on any page


Ok tried both approaches. First I have removed $webResourceManager.requireResource(“com.erstegroup.jira.plugin.andisScraper:configuration-scheme-resources”) from velocity template.

Did not work.

Secondly I tried to remove
tags from plugin configuration, sadly did not work either.

What next can I try? thanks!


Any update on the status of this issue?
I’m having a similar issue and it would be nice to know the solution for this.