JAX-RS 2.0 support in Atlassian REST module


I would like to use JAX-RS 2.0 in my Atlassian plug-in to make use of the “new” CompletableFuture to prevent blocking in my plug-in and to make my plug-ins REST API asynchronous. According to the documentation of the Atlassian REST plug-in module, it is still based on Jersey 1.0.2. Are there any plans to upgrade it to 2.0 soon?


If you’re developing a commercial app - not for another 2 years since Atlassian eol’s versions after 2 years - you’ll need to support them for at least that long. Now if you’re developing an internal app - then if Atlassian releases support for things - that’s a different story (but even then it will be released product by product). I wouldn’t count on something like this even appearing until a major product release.

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Thanks for your feedback, Daniel. I’m not sure if I understand your answer. Is it possible that this answer was thought for another question? :slight_smile:

@tarragona.michael What @daniel is saying is that, if you are planning to create a commercial add-on that is listed on the Atlassian Marketplace, you will have to take into consideration that you will need to support older versions of Jira, which only support Jersey 1.0.2.

So even when Atlassian decided to upgrade Jersey in future version of Jira, you will still need to maintain a code base which is compatible with Jersey 1.0.2.

@remie is an awesome translator. :slight_smile:
The only 2 things I’d add to that is that:
A) Atlassian end of life products 2 years after the last patch release has been released so during that time you’d have to support two versions of your code.
B) any backwards api compatibility changes should(I’ll emphasize that though - should) only occur in major releases. Atlassian hasn’t publically said anything about next major releases so nobody (apart from Atlassian) knows when/if things are changing.

Thanks for your help. That’s perfectly understandable. When you say “older versions of Jira which only support Jersey 1.0.2”, is there a way to use Jersey 2.0 in newer versions of JIRA? AFAIK, the Atlassian REST module which is used in all Atlassian products only supports Jersey 1.0.2.