JAXB2 schemagen syntax error when upgrading plugin from JDK 7 to 8

I’m trying to build a Confluence plugin with Java 8. It builds correctly with Java 7. It uses the jaxb2-maven-plugin, where one of the defined executions with goal “schemagen” and phase “generate-resources” is throwing this error:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.codehaus.mojo:jaxb2-maven-plugin:2.3.1:schemagen (restTypes) on project bb-team-plugin:
Execution restTypes of goal org.codehaus.mojo:jaxb2-maven-plugin:2.3.1:schemagen failed:
syntax error @[1,1] in file: MY_WORKDIR/target/generated-sources/jaxb/META-INF/sun-jaxb.episode -> [Help 1]

The bindings file i have:

<jxb:bindings jxb:version=“1.0” jxb:extensionBindingPrefixes=“xjc”
<xjc:simple />

Using -e or -X in maven doesn’t throw any extra useful output, using in the configuration for the execution throws a SAXParseException warning and the same error as mentioned above.

I’ve compared my sun-jaxb.episode against other examples (as in this site https://github.com/highsource/maven-jaxb2-plugin/wiki/Using-Episodes) and it has the exact same structure, nothing looks malformed in there.

Any idea what could be happening?