JCM Migration data mappings only for existing issues

I’m working on migrator server/DC → cloud, using JCMA. The plugin operates on potentialy created issues (configuration of plugin just use project/issue configuration). So during migration we need to got all configuration mappings.

That’s a problem, becouse JCMA is optimised to send mappings for existing issues only. That means the mappings we got using gateway is reduced to variables picked/used in issue. For example in case of only one issue, migrator will have only one priority…

Is it possible to get all calues/configuration mappings?

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Hi @JacekOstrowski,

JCMA will send only core data related to to the Projects that have been sent. However, when you make a request for mappings between server and cloud ids, you’ll have access to all previous mappings as well for 2 years.

If you specific data that isn’t sent in the core migration then you need to write code that handles packing up the data and sending it as documented in App data

If there are specific steps the customer needs to do to prepare you data, or needs to select specific projects you can create a pre-flight check that validate the migration before it starts. This is documented in App vendor checks.

I’m not sure what you mean by

Can you give us some more details?