JCMA 1.6.2 gone?

Am I going mental? I’m sure I had version 1.6.2 of JCMA installed recently; now I can’t find it on the Marketplace. It’s kind of important since only that version calls the new DiscoverableListener types, innit?

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Yeah, you are right, see [MIG-671] Discoverable App listeners for App Migration - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.

Gah! I was aiming to release our migration support tomorrow.

David Almeida

We’re sorry to announce that Jira Cloud Migration Assistant 1.6.2 has been removed from Marketplace.

You can still work on the implementation for Jira but please do not publish your changes until Jira Cloud Migration Assistant 1.6.3 is released.

Next week, we’ll communicate the exact date of the release, which we are confident won’t be later than mid-October.

David Almeida
Engineering Manager, Atlassian Cloud Migrations