JCMA: "Data preparation" error blocks user from migrating

Hi all,

Today we needed to run some migration Tests from our app (Projectrak) using JCMA (Jira Cloud Migration Assitant).

When preparing the migration we get a new section in the “Check for errors” step, that keeps responding with the following error:

There is a zip file, with more information that comes with the error with the following trace:
“ERROR PVMN project-export We couldn’t export Project PVMN. Reason: java.util.NoSuchElementException: List is empty…”
We don’t understand what this new section is, or why this keeps getting triggered and, if anyone has more information about it, we would appreciate it a great deal (how to workaround it are extra points).

Thanks in advance,


Hi @ federico.baronti,

Thanks for your post, and sorry to see you’re having these issues.

The Data Preparation section is regarding the new export dry-run feature of JCMA which intends to find potential problems in the migration earlier and provide info to the customer to fix them instead of failing the actual migration.
The Zip file mentioned above contains the issues with project PVMN which will lead to migration failure if you run the actual migration. You can open this file to see the exact errors and reach out to us if you have trouble fixing them.

I hope this helps.