[JCMA] DiscoverableListener is not triggered when using JCMA 1.7.7

When using JCMA version > 1.7.7, the migration is alway success with the message “You have successfully migrated this app.” even though the onStartAppMigration is not triggered and there is no migration event sent cloud side.

It seems to work fine with JCMA 1.7.4.

Look like there are a lot of change in 1.7.7 version according to version history https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1222010/jira-cloud-migration-assistant/version-history. Is there anything I need to change to adapt with 1.7.7 version?

Here are the migration information:

  • Cloud App Key: com.riadalabs.jira.plugins.notificationassistant
  • Server App Key: com.riadalabs.jira.plugins.notificationassistant

Hi @nhan-nguyen,

Thanks for posting in Community support. We’ve been dealing with this issue through an ECOHELP ticket for you.

But in general, for the next person who finds this, it’s because some apps are marked as INSTALL_ONLY as they are migrated with the core data (spaces, projects) and don’t need to bundle specific data.

As a result onStartAppMigration() is ignored. If this is required, put a ticket into https://developer.atlassian.com/support in the App Migration category and let us know.

Once we get the update and plan for the change, the next steps are

  1. Release your version with DiscoverableListener to the Marketplace, to ensure that all customers are on the latest version that has the implementation of DiscoverableListener otherwise they will have errors.
  2. Update the Marketplace endpoint https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/marketplace/rest/v2/api-group-migrations/#api-addons-addonkey-migration-patch to make sure the version with DiscoverableListener is the minimum required version for Cloud Migrations.
  3. Please let us know what day to remove the app from the INSTALL_ONLY list. We need a few days’ notices at least, and we don’t make changes on a Friday.
  4. Once done, testing may require a restart of JCMA or Jira to ensure the memory is flushed of the previous list of appKey values.

James Richards
Developer Support Engineer

Hi James,

Thanks for your details response.

I had a hard time to debug the JCMA jar file and its dependencies to figure out the reason before opening ECOHELP ticket. It would be really helpful if this behavior is documented somewhere officially.

Hi @nhan-nguyen,

I understand the difficulty here. We’re looking at improving the internal process. There aren’t many apps left on the installonly.txt list. You’d still need to open an ECOHELP ticket to let us know you want to changed.