JCMA - Migrating Jira filters documentation page missing


Currently, by default JCMA does not migrate Jira filters except for the filters that are used in any migrated agile board. More details available here.

There used to be a page documenting a dark feature which allows for the migration of all Jira Filters. The page was available here – How to migrate all boards and filters with the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA). For some reason, since a few days ago, the page is not accessible anymore (for now we can still see it in Google cache, see here).


Was this page removed/hidden on purpose or by accident? We tested the feature and we were very happy with the results. Can we continue to recommend to our users to use this dark JCMA feature for the migration of all Jira filters?



To answer my own question, it seems Atlassian identified a bug related to these dark features and decided to hide them for now. I’ve been told they plan to fix these in a couple of months and then to bring the dark features back (and then in two more months to implement [MIG-269] Add support to migrate global filters - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products. and to finish with this problem). Fingers crossed…

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