Jira 8.0 and Jira Service Desk 4.0 are out! Read all about this dream team!

We are proud to present our latest grand achievements: Jira 8.0 and Jira Service Desk 4.0

Packed with new features, updates and improvements, they are ready to be downloaded and put to test.

So many new things…

Read all about the new software features in our release notes.

For more technical insight, check the upgrade notes.

Also, make sure to check out the Service Desk features here and 4.0 upgrade notes.

Download them…
For Jira 8.0 go here, and grab Jira Service Desk 4.0 here.

And there is a bonus…

Jira 8.0 will also include access to the Jira Software iOS and Android apps, currently in beta .

Soon you will be able to stay on top of the latest developments with your team, capture an issue, reprioritize, or share an update—wherever you happen to be.

The app is nearly ready to be released so look out for it on Google Play and the App Store.

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback.

Enjoy your new versions,

The Jira team