Jira 8.12 Release Candidate 02 is out!

Haven’t had a chance to test Jira 8.12? You can still do it with this Release Candidate. New features, many fixes, and all packed and wrapped for you to try out.

The main features of this release is the MySQL 8 support, improvements to the Audit log, and AUI upgrade to version 9. Have a look at the details here . Feel free to download the RC from this page .
If you’re using maven.atlassian.com , make sure to download 8.12.0-m0006.

Should you have any comments, just post them below.

Happy testing,

The Jira team


Is this the final release candidate for 8.12.0? Is there an expected timeline for the release?

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Hey Reece,
We normally release the final RC 2-3 days before an official release. We are planning for this RC to be the final one (unless we discover sth that requires an immediate fix).


Hi, I could use some help with getting my application compatible with Jira 8.12. I am facing issues with AUI 9. I have described my issue here, Creating a dialog using AP.require('dialog') in AUI 9.0.3 results in Cross Origin Request.

In a nutshell, opening a dialog (which contains an iframe) from a web panel (which also contains an iframe) results in a DOMException: Blocking a frame from accessing a cross-origin frame. The dialog is opened by posting a message from the iframe in the web panel to the parent window using parent.postMessage.