Jira 8.15 Release Candidate released

We’ve just released Jira 8.15 RC-01, which brings us closer to the official release. If you haven’t tested the changes already, you can still do it with this RC.

For details on the available changes, see Preparing for Jira 8.15. You can download the RC from this page. If you’re using maven.atlassian.com, make sure to download 8.15.0-m0004.

Should you have any comments, just post them below.

Happy testing,

The Jira team

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So it hasn’t been released? Cause the Marketplace seems to state it has been? There’s also a 8.15.0 release available publicly. For those of us that have tested/verified 8.15 compatibility - do we need to roll that back?


As Daniel said, https://marketplace.atlassian.com/rest/2/applications/jira/versions/build/815001 indicates it was released on 22nd Jan.

Also, the corresponding release artifacts are available from public sources.

In the past (alright, it was a long time ago) we have seen Atlassian re-release different binaries with the same version - this causes a lot of problems for us.

I’d humbly suggest that if there was a problem with 8.15.0, your next release is 8.15.1, and not a “new” 8.15.0.


Hey Daniel,

Sorry for the confusion, normally it would be RC, and then the release. We had to publish it earlier this time on Marketplace/maven, but that’s still only for plugin vendors. It hasn’t been officially released to customers on www.atlassian.com, but we understand how this might be confusing.

We didn’t really have to release the RC, but we chose to stick to our process – RC is also a sort of a notification for vendors that the official release is coming soon.

Now, we’re not planning to make any changes to the version you tested (that’s why we even considered publishing it), so you’re good to go. But, until officially released on www.atlassian.com – if we absolutely needed to make emergency changes, we would release another RC, in which case you’d have to test again. Again, we’re not planning that, just saying it’s an option.

Thanks for clarifying.

if we absolutely needed to make emergency changes, we would release another RC

But if you did that you would not be able to release 8.15.0, as the release binaries are already on your nexus, which means they’re cached on our nexus etc. Released artifacts can’t change.

But I guess it’s a moot point as it didn’t happen this time.



I’m excited about the two new columns for custom fields page!

Will the REST API for /api/2/customFields have these new attributes as well?

That would help a lot in generating an external report without having to run a separate issue search call on each custom field I’d.

Hey, we’ve just published EAP 02 for Jira 8.16 that includes the new columns for custom fields, and the APIs you mentioned. For more info, see: Preparing for Jira 8.16.

Thank you @tbartyzel!

Am I correct in assuming that once this becomes an official release it won’t be part of an existing Enterprise release until the next Enterprise version?

Yes, you’re right - this won’t be backported to existing Enterprise releases (now called LTS releases). We backport security fixes and critical updates, and this is a regular feature. It will be available in 8.16+, and the next LTS release.

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