Jira 8.16 EAP 01 released

We’ve just released the first EAP of Jira 8.16 (Data Center & Server). Here are the highlights of this release:

  • Upgrading the icu4j library
    We’re upgrading the library from version 3.8 to 68.2, and moving it from being provided through its own OSGi bundle into the application bundle. This means that explicit OSGi instructions may fail, so make sure to test your app with this change.

  • Removing fields from the JQL auto-completion
    We’ve removed these fields from the search pages: jqlFieldz, jqlFunctionNames, and jqlReservedWordz, and recommend that you use data from the REST resource instead.

Downloads & docs
For details, see Preparing for Jira 8.16. You can download the EAP from this page. If you’re using maven.atlassian.com, the version is 8.16.0-m0001.

If you have any comments, just post them below.

Happy testing,
The Jira team

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