Jira 8.16 EAP 03 released

We’ve just released the third EAP for Jira 8.16 (Data Center & Server).


  • Using multiple Identity Providers (Data Center)
    You can now configure multiple Identity Providers (IdPs) in SAML and OpenID Connect configuration, and let your users choose the right one for them as they log in.

  • Disabling basic authentication
    We’ve added a way to disable basic authentication for the login page and API calls. Since SSO is more secure, we advise switching to it and disabling basic authentication completely.

  • Upgraded dependencies and libraries
    We’ve also published a list of dependencies and libraries upgraded in this version.

Downloads & docs
For details, see Preparing for Jira 8.16. You can download the EAP from this page. If you’re using maven.atlassian.com, the version is 8.16.0-m0003.

If you have any comments, just post them below.

Happy testing,
The Jira team


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
Can you explain or point to the doc of the “allowlist for disabled basic auth”?

These changes have been released as an update to the ‘SSO for Atlassian Server and Data Center’ app on the marketplace, so here’s the official docs:

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Hey Team,

These EAPs are usually available as official docker images at https://hub.docker.com/r/atlassian/jira-software/tags but for 8.16 only EAP01 was published.

It’s really handy for us to have Docker images for add-on testing, any idea why EAP02 and EAP03 are not available?




Thanks for the heads up!

There seems to be a breaking change in CustomField configuration. Our custom field has no Default Value field config item and with the changes included for the ConfigureCustomField Web action, all of our custom field config items now show a This custom field doesn't support default values. text instead of the configuration link.

Can you confirm if this is an intended change and if so, is there any way to circumvent it?


Hey, we’ve raised an issue to fix that. I’ll let you know when I have more details.

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Could you provide some steps to reproduce the problem (we weren’t able to do so locally) so we can investigate what happens here?


Hi @MichalCiesielski!
Of course;

  1. Create you own custom field through Java (in our case we use a AbstractMultiCFType) or adapt one of your existing ones.
  2. Override the getConfigurationItemTypes method
  3. Start by clearing the current ConfigurationItemTypes
final List<FieldConfigItemType> configurationItemTypes = super.getConfigurationItemTypes();
  1. Add your own custom FieldConfigItemTypes
  2. In Jira; go to configure your field

The change causing the issue (as far as I know) is in the ConfigureCustomField.java in the isDefaultValueAllowed combined with how the configurecustomfield.jsp is thought out.

Let me know if I can be of any more help.

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Thanks @PascalPerreault!
We’ll take a look into it :slight_smile:

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Hello @PascalPerreault
Thank you for reporting it, we’ll try to fix this bug before 8.16 release.
Note to the “steps to reproduce” - I think we need to have list of configuration items without “default value” item in it.

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