Jira 8.18 EAP 01 released

We’ve just released the second EAP for Jira 8.18 (Data Center & Server).


  • Upgraded dependencies and libraries
    We’ve published a list of dependencies and libraries upgraded in this version. We’ll keep updating it as we release next EAPs.

  • Upcoming bugfix releases
    Our bugfix releases follow a predefined, monthly schedule. This makes it easier for you to plan your next upgrade. New bugfix versions are released for three Jira feature versions: Latest version, Jira 8.13 LTS, and Jira 8.5 LTS. We may occasionally skip a bugfix release if it isn’t needed. All bugfix releases include security and regular bug fixes.

  • Comments reactions in Jira
    We continue improving Jira commenting experience. As of this release you can use reactions to comments posted in issues. Use emojis to express interest, provide feedback, or speed up the approval process.

  • Multiple email channels for creating requests
    We’re working on increasing the number of email channels you can configure in Jira Service Management so your customers can send emails to different addresses and get them turned into requests or comments. This will let you use different channels for different request types, or just have more personalized email addresses for your customers.

  • SLAs on customer portals
    You can now choose to display SLAs for your customers on customer portals.
    We’ve also migrated the SLA component to React.js, so you might want to test your app with the new layout. The new layout will be available both in the agent view and customer portal

  • Disabling the search bar on customer portals
    Many of our users aren’t linking a Confluence knowledge base to their service projects and find the default search bar not needed or even confusing. That’s why we’ve now added an option to disable the search bar.

  • Mentioning users on customer portals
    Mentions are a great way to collaborate with your teammates, but they were never available on customer portals. Now, you can mention users in comments and issue descriptions in the same way as you would mention them in Jira, for example by typing @captainjoe.

  • Downloads & docs
    For details, see Preparing for Jira 8.18. You can download the EAP from this page. If you’re using maven.atlassian.com, the version is 8.18.0-m0001.

If you have any comments, just post them below.

Happy testing,
The Jira team


Hi TomaszPrus,

Is it for 8.17 or 8.18 ?? Link given is of 8.18.


Of course it’s for 8.18. Sorry for the confusion. It’s fixed now.


No problem, Thanks for the confirmation. :blush:


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