Jira 9.11 EAP 01 updated layout in the table with custom field contexts

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Referring to the announcement blog post

I have a question regarding the new custom field context layout: We are using vm files for rendering the content and used to have script tags inside there to execute some custom JS. With the new layout this seems to be not working anymore. As soon as there is a script tag, the code inside that tag is being executed but all code that is coming after the script block is not rendered anymore. This holds also for the case that there are several contexts set up: For the first context the content of the vm file is parsed until the end of the script block and then just stops. The content for the second (and all remaining) contexts is not rendered at all so that the table column just stays empty.

Is this on purpose? In the old UI it is working to have custom script tags so I assume that this is a bug within the new implementation?!

If this is not on purpose: What should be the workaround here and why is this not possible anymore?

An example for such a vm file would be:

    Something that should be displayed in the context view

    console.log('Hi there!');

In that case, the div is rendered and the statement is printed to the console. However, if there is now a second context defined, the div is not rendered there and the statement is also not printed a second time.

Is anybody experiencing the same?


Hey Jona, this is a known issue: see this post for an investigation that we did for JMCF

Hi @PaoloCampanelli,

great, thanks for pointing me to that post!
I’ll watch that one and see what the outcome will be…

Many thanks :slight_smile:

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