Jira 9.3 EAP 02 released

Hey there, Developer Community! Thank you for staying with us. Jira 9.3 EAP 02 is ready for your testing! Learn more about the new features that we’re going to add to the official release of Jira Software 9.3 and Jira Service Management (JSM) 5.3.


  • Multi-threaded index catch-up for autoscaling (Data Center)
    Index catch-up is now performed in multiple threads to increase scalability and speed up the node start-up.
  • Higher accuracy of app attribution for database usage
    We’ve improved the db.core.executionTime metric for app monitoring by providing new system properties for the Jira diagnostics plugin. Enabling the properties allows you to attribute apps for database usage more accurately and reduces the impact of the operations on the instance performance.
  • New database connectivity metrics available through JMX and log file
    The new database connectivity metrics allow efficient instance diagnostics and timely resolution of performance issues. The metrics are available through JMX and a new log file atlassian-jira-ipd-monitoring.log.
  • Activity tabs failures fixed
    We’ve fixed the issues that prevented you from working smoothly with the Activity tabs updated in Jira 9.0. But we keep investigating the problem more deeply to ensure that no more failures will occur in the future.
  • Help center column sorting (Data Center)
    You can now sort columns in ascending and descending order and filter statuses on the My requests page in your help center in JSM.
  • Login-free customer portal (Data Center)
    All of your customers can now access your customer portal in JSM, even those without an account. They can discover other available portals, read help articles, and raise requests without logging in.
  • Insight is now Assets
    We’re changing the name of the JSM asset management tool from Insight to Assets. The rebranding has influenced the user interface and the tool-related marketplace apps.
  • Improvements to accessibility and user interface in Assets
    We’ve enhanced the accessibility and user interface of Assets to provide a better user experience, higher usability, and seamless integration with JSM.
  • Batching Assets database queries
    Database queries executed during imports to Assets in JSM are now batched to improve the health of your Jira instance and overall import performance.
  • Assets import offloading to the disk
    In JSM Assets, Ehcache is now used to boost import performance by preventing a massive memory overhead.
  • Mobile version updates
    We’re also introducing updates to the mobile versions of Jira Software and Jira Service Management:
    • Attach files to Jira and JSM issues.
    • Select a recently accessed Jira or JSM instance from the list on the login screen, instead of typing the URL.
    • Use the Security field in Jira issues.

Downloads & docs
For details, see Preparing for Jira 9.3. You can download the EAP from this page. If you’re using maven.atlassian.com, the version is 9.3.0-m0004.

If you have any comments, just post them below.

Happy testing,
The Jira team


Dear @DariaShatsylo and AtlassianTeam.
Thank you for the update.

Recently the release cycle has been increased a lot.

What is the standard timeframe for all major releases?
I’d say a 4 week period from last EAP and 2 weeks from last RC release to a final release would be a minimum.

Now we have no visibility when the final release will be made.
Once it becomes available, we have to drop everything we do, to do tests and adjust our products to the final release.

A good practice would be to create a final release, send out a private link to vendors. At least a week before the public announcement. That would help a LOT.



Even knowing 48 hours ahead would be of benefit, we have automation set up here to notify us when a release goes live, then it’s all hands on deck to get compatible ASAP.

We’ve shifted more to testing earlier with EAPs vs final release, but still it feels like we are very much in the dark about Atlassian’s release cycle.

48h won’t help when it’s often released on Friday evening :rofl:

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I have an e-mail thread from the Google Groups CDAC predecessor from 2014 in which @danielwester highlights this exact issue as a response to the Atlassian Verified Vendor program proposal that included a “Maintain compatibility with Atlassian products within 14 days of new version releases” requirement.

Reaction from Atlassian:

I understand your concern about having updated information on Atlassian products to facilitate your ability to maintain compatibility. Many vendors have articulated this concern as a pre-requisite for the Maintain Compatibility requirement. We are working on a game plan to address this concern first before launching the requirement. Thus I don’t have a timeframe yet on the release of this requirement. We’ll keep everyone posted via this list as we firm up the plans.

I guess they are still working on that game plan :man_shrugging:


@DariaShatsylo has the SmartAjax.makeRequest been updated in RC01?

Hello @pch , @rlander , @remie
Thank you for your feedback!
Regarding our release cycle: The feature release cadence is currently 6 weeks. Bugfixes occur every month.
When an RC is released, it means that the release will follow in 2-4 days. We provide the RC to indicate the readiness of the release and give an opportunity to test and adjust it.

And that is the actuall issue. We have no visibility if the final release includes changes to RC release. Can you confirm that there are no changes to final release, and if changes are needed you release a new RC?

Second problem is the 2-4 days period before final release. As said before we’ve seen RC releases made on Friday a a final release on Monday……

Why not 5 business days? What difference would that make to Atlassian? That would be a huge difference to us, vendors.

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Thank you for the questions.

Can you confirm that there are no changes to final release, and if changes are needed you release a new RC?

The final release matches the release candidate. The case where they don’t match may rarely occur when we have issues with the RC reported internally or externally. In such case, the final release gets postponed to patch the issues.

So, if there are changes to the initial RC, we do issue the second RC.

Also, we try not to release any milestones on Friday, and there should definitely be no case where the RC is issued on Friday and the final release - on Monday. We allow at least 2 business days between them.

OK so is there a chance to extend it to 5 business days?

Hello Przemyslaw,
No, there are no changes to the SmartAjax.makeRequest.

The extension to 5 days would widen our release schedule and hinder our ability to deliver fixes ASAP. Everything that is ready to be released goes to customers in other few days later.
The RC is just the final touch, with a few minor changes. While all the “heavy-lifting” is prepared for the EAP release.

@DariaShatsylo but most important question is:

Where should we vendors report bugs for eap and rc releases and what is the current path for that?


Please create a ticket for us, in the same way you create a ticket for a bug or suggestion.

Thank you for respond

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