Jira 9.8 EAP 01 is served up!

Hi, Developer Community! :wave: The first EAP for Jira 9.8 Data Center and Server is ready for testing.


  • Auto-managed sprints: Schedule your sprints to start and complete automatically so that you no longer need to go over multiple boards and manage them manually.
  • New mail queue metrics for in-product diagnostics: The new mail queue metrics will allow you to get a more detailed picture of mail queue contents and to collect more data for better performance monitoring.
  • JMX blocklist deserialization filter to prevent RCE attacks: We’re using BlocklistDeserializationFilter based on ObjectInputFilter from JVM to prevent fabricated data from getting into the system through requests. If you use a custom JDK, we recommend ensuring the system’s security by enabling the class sun.misc.ObjectInputFilter for JDK 8 and the class java.io.ObjectInputFilter for JDK 11 and later.
  • Xalan library is entirely removed from the codebase: To delete any references to Xalan, we’ve upgraded jira-testkit library to 8.1.51. If your apps’ builds and tests start failing, you need to upgrade jira-testkit to the same version.
  • Accessibility improvements for low-vision and keyboard-only users in Jira Service Management: The highlights for this release include fixed navigation in Queues, improved search and objects in Assets, as well as more labels and keyboard focus on the customer portal.
  • Integrate Jira Service Management with Microsoft Graph API: We’re introducing Microsoft Graph API support for incoming mail in Jira Service Management email channels.
  • Attachments in approval comments: In Jira Service Management, we’re improving the approval comments by giving approvers the option to add attachments. We’re also adding new audit logs to help you track any changes to your approval workflow.

Downloads & docs
For details, see Preparing for Jira 9.8. You can download the EAP from this page. If you’re using maven.atlassian.com, the version is 9.8.0-m0005.

If you have any comments, post them below.

Happy testing,
The Jira Server and Data Center team


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