JIRA 9: Upon clicking on Search for Issues from Issue Menu for first time it shows excessive loading


I suppose it is a issue on JIRA 9 (on jira8 it is working fine) when I want to search for issues, so I click on menu item Search for Issues from Issue Menu of Jira, it continuous show loader and page its not loaded first time, from second time it is working fine , view attach screenshot.

If anyone is facing this let me know , is this known issue for Jira 9 or not???

Hi @PoonamGokani

it looks like a bug with the Zephyr plugin, please disable it and try again.

Alternatively, enter Safe Mode and check if the search works.



hi @adam.labus

Thanks for quick response.

I have one another addon x-ray installed in my jira instance, I have disable it and check it is working fine even in first time.