Jira Admin Page doesn't appear in the production environment

I’m trying to use jira:adminPage and it appears in the development environment as expected:

However, it doesn’t in the production environment:

Here’s the manifest.yml file and I’m a site-admin on both sites:

  # ...
    - key: akj-backup-dashboard
      function: akBackupDashboard
      title: 'Admin Kit'
        isSiteAdmin: true

Am I missing anything?

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Hi there!

You don’t need to specify display conditions in there as Jira doesn’t allow non-admin users accessing that page. So please try removing it and check whether it works.

The second thing that might help is upgrading app’s permisisons. Please run in the terminal:

forge install --upgrade

and upgrade the instance to the “Latest”

Let me know if it helps.


Thanks, I’ve verified this fixed the symptom. It’d be great to clarify that displayConditions is not needed for jira:adminPage in the reference. Ideally, though, I want the original manifest work as is because it’s more intuitive.