Jira and Confluence product event triggers are not firing in some environments / product instances

Dear Community,

I have an app in development that uses Forge Triggers. Yesterday I noticed that these are consequently not getting called in some product instances / environments (where they used to work before). The logs are not of much help, since not even the first statement of the trigger function is being called (which is a log statement).

To test this in a trivial use case, I have taken the product-trigger app template generated by the Forge CLI, added these two log statements into index.js:run():


and deployed the resulting app to several Cloud product instances and environments. In some of them, the events are always fired, while in some others, they are not fired at all. Switching the app between the old and the new Node runtime, or tunnelling vs. running the app remotely all do not seem to make a difference.

Has anyone experienced anything similar recently? Has any change been made concerning Product Events and Triggers in Forge in the last few days? Do you have any tips on how to debug this any further, since the trigger function is not even called in the affected environments?

P.s. I am using the latest Forge CLI (7.0.2)

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Hi Peter,

Hmm, that doesn’t sound right! Our support team can help figure this out with you. If you file a ticket here someone will be with you shortly.



We are experiencing a similar problem where the handler for the avi:forge:installed:app event isn’t called in some environments. If you have a link to a support ticket, I can share more details about the affected instances there.

Here is the support ticket: Jira Service Management


Please be informed that we experienced an incident which started on February 8th and was resolved today (February 14th) at 2:26 UTC.

The problem was involving install event avi:forge:installed:app which were not delivered successfully after a Forge app installation.

You can find more details on the following statuspage: Atlassian Developer Status - Errors while invoking forge functions for newly installed apps

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Best regards,
Nicolas Grunberg
Developer Support Engineer

@NicolasGrunberg My use cases did not concern the event avi:forge:installed:app but the events avi:jira:created:issue, avi:confluence:created:page and avi:confluence:updated:page.