Jira and Confluence profile pages are being replaced

We’ve recently replaced Jira and Confluence user profile pages with a new, unified profile. Some customers were allowed to extend their old product profile pages temporarily as part of a deprecation period; on or near 10th December 2018, Jira and Confluence user profile pages will be permanently deprecated.

The new profile pages will not facilitate replacements for the old Jira and Confluence profile page extension points. At this time, customers will not have the ability to install apps for the people directory or new user profile pages.

If your app relies on the Jira and/or Confluence user profile page extension point please update your app listing in Atlassian Marketplace to reflect the deprecated functionality. Should your app solely rely on those extension points you may want to consider de-listing the app. For assistance de-listing your app please contact Marketplace Vendor Support.

What are new profile pages?

The new profile pages are part of the Atlassian people directory, which is part of the Atlassian Teamwork platform. These new user profile pages reference Atlassian account data, and span across Atlassian products, allowing users to centralize control of their profile information. This centralized control of profile information is an important part of our Atlassian Privacy Model and strategy to provide a better user experience for managing privacy settings.

Hi @mrussell,

When you say the profile page extension will be deprecated, do you mean this user profile menu module here? https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/user-profile-menu/

Or will this module still be available?


Hi @vpelizza,

The module you mention is not affected by this announcement. Only the user profile page (not the menu) is affected.