Jira and Remedy integration

Hi Team,

I am a Jira Admin, don’t have any development or REST API idea. I need your help to integrate the Jira and Remedy application through REST API.

Both applications are running on their own servers and both servers are communication to each others.

How to write the Authentication based REST End Point in Jira to get the Incidents or Request from Remedy to Jira.

We have ScriptRunner plugin.
I have a seen a [KB|https://docs.adaptavist.com/sr4js/latest/features/behaviours/behaviours-examples/select-list-conversions] from ScriptRunner but don’t know how to change the script and pass the credentials or token here:
import com.onresolve.scriptrunner.runner.rest.common.CustomEndpointDelegate

import groovy.json.JsonBuilder

import groovy.json.JsonOutput

import groovy.transform.BaseScript

import groovyx.net.http.ContentType

import groovyx.net.http.HTTPBuilder

import groovyx.net.http.Method

import javax.ws.rs.core.MultivaluedMap

import javax.ws.rs.core.Response

@BaseScript CustomEndpointDelegate delegate

githubRepoQuery(httpMethod: "GET" ) { MultivaluedMap queryParams -> // <1>

def query = queryParams.getFirst( "query" ) as String

def rt = [:]

if (query) {

def httpBuilder = new HTTPBuilder( "https://api.github.com" )

def repos = httpBuilder.request(Method.GET, ContentType.JSON) {

uri.path = "/search/repositories"

uri.query = [q: "$query in:name" , sort : "stars" , order: "desc" ]

headers. "User-Agent" = "My JIRA" // <2>

response.failure = { resp, reader ->

log.warn( "Failed to query GitHub API: " + reader.text)

return Response.serverError().build()



rt = [

items : repos[ "items" ]. collect { Map repo ->

def repoName = repo. "full_name"


value: repoName,

html : repoName.replaceAll(/(?i)$query/) { "<b>${it}</b>" } // <3>

+ "<span style=\"float: right\">${repo['stargazers_count']} &#11088;</span>" ,

label: repoName,

icon : repo.owner?. "avatar_url" ,



total : repos[ "total_count" ],

footer: "Choose repo... (${repos[" items "].size()} of ${repos[" total_count "]} shown...)"



return Response.ok( new JsonBuilder(rt).toString()).build()


Please help me to get it done.

Manzoor Alam

Hello @ManzoorAlam1
If you have no developer or REST API skills and are attempting to build the entire integration yourself, you are taking on a monumental task. Why not just buy an off-the-shelf commercial connector? Google ‘remedy integration with jira’ to find all the commercial connectors for the two products.

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