JIra API: Add a custom field to screen

I would like to add a custom field that I created to a project screen, but I see that the API requires a screenId in order to do this. How can I get the value of the screenId.

In the gui, select screens:

Check screens:

Sorry, but I don’t understand how this answers my question: how to get the screenId using the Jira API.

Your main goal is that you want to add a custom field to a screen right?
If yes, you don’t need screen id for it.
If no, ignore

I think the question was: how can I retrieve the screenId programmatically using the API in order to be able to programmatically add a custom field to a project screen using the API. Apparently, the API endpoint that allows you to add a custom field to a project screen requires a screenId.

Correct, that’s what I was trying to say. By mentioning the word API I wrongly assumed that that was an obvious reference to doing things programmatically.

Jira does not currently expose an API for getting screen configurations: ACJIRA-1243

Oh, that’s a serious limitation in my opinion. Commented on ACJIRA-12431.

Thanks for the effort Frank, but I need to do this via an API request, but as @dmeyer has already indicated above, this is not currently supported.