Jira api create issue with comment

Hi there,

I’m not sure if I’m in the right place, so my apologies if I’m not.

Here is my newbie question.
I’ve got an oracle pls procedure calling the api from Jira to insert an issue (/jira/rest/api/2/issue).
All works fine untill I want to insert a comment along with that.

This is my Json object:

{   "fields": {
							"key": "NDL"
			   ,"summary": "Error notification 3"
			   ,"description": "Error notification 3"
								"name": "Story"
				,"components": [
									"name": "imported"
			   ,"customfield_10504": "INC1446"
			   ,"comment": "By transfer an Error notification 3 is shown"

Can anybody tell me what is wrong with this comment object? If i remove the line with the comment it’s inserted nice. If not I get an error 400 bad request.

Thank you


That will not work. You’re doing this blind, consider reading the API docs.


  1. You cannot add comments during creation
  2. You must provide a valid shape:
  'body':'my comment has some text!'