Jira Api Link only last about a month

For the last year and a half there has been continuous problems with the Jira Api application link.
It usually lasts a month before it stops responding. My initial suspicion was that if the link was unused for a period of time that this would cause issues but I have recently found out this is not the problem.

Around March 10th I set up this link once again. I have been using it on and off successfully for the last month with no issues. 12th of April, I was successfully using the Api all morning. On returning from my lunch at 2 the link failed.
I did not alter any settings in Jira itself, I didn’t even log into Jira that day. I did nothing differently to any other day over that month that could explain this failure.

Can some explanation be provided as to why this might be happening?

@GaryKelly - hi Gary! How are you using the API application link?

Where does the link fail exactly - do you get an error code or anything?

Hi @DaveLiao ,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
I am afraid I have no screenshots of the error code. I have initiated the link recently and it is not failing as of now. I cannot recall what the error is either.

It is probably due to fail soon so I can update the ticket once it happens again if that suits?

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