JIRA API to get Installed Add-on Information

Is there a Jira Rest API which provide details about the add-ons installed in the server.

Please provide me the details.

I’d suggest digging through the rest browser. Especially the upm rest end points.

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Curious as to the use case for wanting to know this information? Can you elaborate?

Thanks. Found the API in rest browser…

/rest/plugins/1.0/{pluginKey} satisfies my need

I have developed an add-on for a product.

The product needs to check whether the add-on is installed or not before establishing the communication with the Jira Server.In order to address the use case, I am searching for a API and found it also.

Hi eswarijayakumar27,

It sounds logical to use this REST API for this reason but as far as it is not public your solution is fragile. It would be more robust to provide your own REST API in the plugin e.g. named as ping. The product could call it and check whether the plugin is available and even could easily check the version as well.

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