Jira api to get projects for a particular user

I am trying to implement jira api which will get all projects for a particular user but i am getting all projects for anonymous user access. so please give me solution for this if any.

Provided help or suggestion is thankful.

Do you mean for JIRA Server or JIRA Cloud? Do you mean the Java API or the REST API?

Assuming you mean REST API, see the project endpoint. The following works for me using Bash and HTTPie:


Hey ibuchanan

Thankyou for your help.

But I want it to be implemented in C# language using REST API.
So , Please let me know .


You were probably omitting the authorization credentials @singhharwinder, which is why you’d get projects that are accessible anonymously. As @ibuchanan indicated, supply BASIC AUTH credentials in your API call.

Is this a re-posting of Getting issue while Integrating Jira REST API?

Actually i forgot to mention the code which I have implemented so I re-post it by Getting issue while Integrating Jira REST API

Hey @ibuchanan

As per your assumption we are using JIRA Cloud.
So , Is there any manual or document in C# for implementing JIRA REST API using Basic Auth Credentials?

The short answer is “no”. Accessing JIRA with Basic Auth isn’t unique to JIRA, so we assume developers can figure it out with whatever HTTP libraries they have available in their language. For example, here’s an explanation about Basic Auth with .NET HttpClient. Hope that helps.

Thankyou @ibuchanan.
Its very helping of you .

Hi @ibuchanan,

I’m using JIRA OAuth so how can i get a particular user projects as admin so that i can decide whether to add or remove projects to that user.
Which API I can use for this, Can i have details please…?