Jira App Authentication

Hi Everyone,
I have created a basic Jira App and now I want to add the JWT authentication to my Descriptor file. I am new to Jira App Development. Please Let me know How can I provide the Jwt Authentication to my app and what are the required changes for this?

When you add the top-level node to your descriptor JSON file:

"authentication": {
    "type": "jwt"

… when your app is installed, the installed lifecycle event payload will include information that your app needs to record in order to make API calls authenticated with JWT. For example:

  "key": "your.app.key",
  "clientKey": "aClientKey",
  "publicKey": "aPublicKey",
  "sharedSecret": "sharedSecret",
  "baseUrl": "https://customer-instance.atlassian.net",
  "productType": "jira",
  "eventType": "installed"

To make API calls on behalf of a user (impersonation) see: User impersonation for Connect apps

To make API calls on behalf of your app (no user impersonation) see:

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Hi nmansilla,
Thanks. I need to build a new Jira app on local environment. how to setup a local environment for building a Jira app and how to host my app without using Ngrok.

For a cloud-based app, your app will need to be accessible over https. ngrok is just a tunneling tool that makes it very easy to expose/proxy your local dev over the internet. There are other options, but all of them require that the Jira cloud instance can call/reach your app over the net. You can try Glitch, or stand up your app on AWS EC2 or Heroku.

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Would It be possible for you to connect with Me? so we can get the better understanding and discuss or any other way by which we can get detailed information regarding the development of Jira App.