Jira Assets APIs return 'unauthorized' using OAuth2.0 (3LO)


I am trying to switch from Insight application to the Jira Cloud Assets management. I am facing some issues while trying to access Jira Assets API with a generated access token via API.
The flow would be:
1. Create OAuth2.0 (3LO) credentials to be used by user server application (via REST)
2. Add full access to jira service desk/assets
3. Create the access token to https://api.atlassian.com/oauth/token using client_credentials grant
4. Send requests to jira service desk/assets API https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/assets/rest/api-group-aql/ using bearer token created at 3.

I receive HTLM respose and a status code 401.
Using personal generated access token works with basic authentication, but I would really like to use the OAuth2.0 flow to gain access to these APIs.

Can anyone let me know if is there anyway to access assets API using Oauth2.0 flow?

All the best,

Hey StefanB,

Currently as of this moment we do not have any Asset APIs that can be used with OAuth 2.0.

There are some outdated documentation we are looking at updating in the near future on this page https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/assets/rest/api-group-aql/.

We are currently implementing OAuth 2.0 for the External Imports Flow. The current use case of External Imports is outlined here Assets external imports workflow. We will also continue to look into implementing OAuth 2.0 for all the REST APIs in the future.

At the moment basic authentication is still the way to go with REST APIs.

All the best,

Hello DanielLau,

Thank you for your support. I contacted Jira via Ecosystem and a feature request was created.
If anybody needs this implementation of Oauth 2.0 for assets REST APIs, please vote this ticket: [JSDCLOUD-12080] Assets REST API: add support for Oauth2 and JWT authentication - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.
Thank you again.

Best regards,