Jira attachments preview with Forge

Hello Forge wizards!

I’m new to Forge and development of Atlassian Apps, therefore a question for which I hope to get some guidance.

Context : The preview of the attachments in Jira (via Attachments or clicking on images or attachments in comments) lacks an important feature : OCR ( Optical character recognition)

For example, opening an attachment on Jira ticket looks like this :

Opening the same screenshot on macOS , let’s us perform OCR on the image (extract text from image)

Very useful, as you can copy text, navigate to URL’s and many more.

Question : With the help of Forge, it is possible to add an icon over the image preview (the same as on Mac OS) and perform OCR on the attachment ? I would like this to be done on native preview, I’m aware that I can display the processed image on a Custom UI somewhere, however I feel like this adds frictions to the customers. Would love to know if it us possible to play with the native image preview with the help of Forge.

Rationale behind the feature : Why I would like to build such an app ? Because there are too many documents, attachments that can only be viewed, but no interaction over it :frowning: . Having the ability to copy text from image (OCR) will boost productivity (especially when QA’s does attachments of Jira tickets for developers)

Thanks all !

Unfortunately on Jira Cloud you have a bunch of limitations regarding the elements with which you can interact/add content, so I’m afraid that there’s no way to do it.

The problem is that letting third party code run at top-level in the page would be a security risk, so everything has to be sandboxed. On Jira DC you wouldn’t have that problem, and your idea would be possible to implement.

I’m not a super-duper expert regarding Cloud development, so maybe I’m missing some trick that could help you, but most likely the answer is going to be a no unless Atlassian specifically adds a hook to let you inject your code in the image preview.


Paolo is correct, unfortunately we don’t have any extensibility in the image previewer itself. The best you could do is something like an issue panel with Custom UI.