Jira cloud addon, use fisheye API


I created a jira connect addon, and am trying to use the fisheye rest api to get some information about the commits that happened in a ticket. The application link is in order, but I cannot seem to find how to call the rest-api. On the server addon, I used to be able to get access to the fisheye api through applinks. it doesn’t seem possible with the connect addon. How do I get this working for cloud?

Hi @jokevo,

Keep in mind that Applinks only works within trusted products like Jira. However, a Connect App is not within the trusted app as it would be in the server. You run and host the app. With that said you won’t be able to use app links. You’ll need to use another authentication method.

Here’s the docs on the authentication methods available for Fisheye. You’ll need to choose the one that best suits your needs.