Jira cloud and Servicenow Oauth 2.0


I’m trying to create Change requests in Servicenow from JIRA when a particular issuetype is created, to do this i built an automation that contains a 1st webservice call to a servicenow link “…servicenow.com/oauth_token.do” where i’m passing client id, client secret, username, password, etc. The ideia of this first webservice is to get the Bearer token. that will be used on the 2nd webservice call that contains the api link to Servicenow and that is parsing the jira field.
So, the problem is that the 1st call is not working as I receive a error 401 “authentication failed” so the token is not generated and the 2nd call fails.

But, is I ran all the same call in postman i get the bearer token and if i manually input that on the 2nd call in JIRA the change request is created as it should in Servicenow.
As the bearer token expires every 30min, we need to make the 1st call work, but apparently we cannot fix that.

Does anyone did this integration or is there anything that I’m missing?

Thank you in advance
Ivo R.