Jira Cloud API attachment properties (undocumented?)

Hi. I’m looking for some insights on the ‘properties’ field of Jira Cloud attachments. The documentation for the API to fetch attachment metadata mentions a ‘properties’ field, but without extra information.


Does anyone know if this is something that can be used to store custom data against the attachment on upload? Or is just some old field no longer used?

I tried adding extra fields (in addition to ‘file’) to the multipart/form-data upload to see if it was possible to add some extra data, but without success. All attachments that I’ve seen show an empty object.


I guess that, currently, the only option is to add custom attachment data using issue properties (that has the obvious downside of the data becoming stale, without using webhooks, e.g. deleted attachment).

Any insights on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @goncalomb,

I don’t have insights on the attachment properties, but they aren’t listed in the set of “entities” for Jira’s entity properties:

Entity properties let you store data on the following entities:

Jira Cloud platform

You can use app properties to store data on your Connect app.

Jira Software

If that attribute was put there to support entity properties, then perhaps the feature was not completed, hence, the absent docs? In any case, I’d call it “unsupported”.

It seems like issue properties would be the closest destination for custom data.

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