Jira Cloud api handles webhooks inconsistently (potential bug)

We are building an integration that uses the Jira Cloud REST API v2, but we are encountering difficulties with handling dynamic webhooks. We are using these endpoints:

  • GET /rest/api/2/webhook
  • POST /rest/api/2/webhook
  • DELETE /rest/api/2/webhook

The problem is that these endpoints are inconsistent in how they treat webhooks. The GET endpoint only returns webhooks the requesting user has set up, treating them as user-specific. The POST endpoint, however, requires the callback url to match across webhooks for all users, treating them as app specific. This means that if user-A creates wants to create a webhook with their own url, but user-B has already created a webhook with a different url, there is nothing user-A can do. They are essentially locked out of the api.

Can you please make this experience more consistent? Perhaps by adding a new endpoint that returns all webhooks registered by all users? As it is, the api is introducing opportunities for major bugs, which could make our integration unusable, with no workaround.

I wonder if this is actually a bug. The documentation says that the GET /rest/api/2/webhook endpoint “returns a paginated list of the webhooks registered by the calling app.” However, it does not do that. It returns a list of webhooks registered by the calling user, not app.

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thanks for your report. Sounds like a valid issue so I’ve created a ticket [JRACLOUD-78956] Dynamic webhooks API allows to register webhooks to one url per app instead of per user - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products. to track the progress.