Jira Cloud Api Test Environment?

My company has built a direct integration between our SaaS application and Jira Cloud API. We are looking to put a testing strategy into place, and the documentation online that I’ve found isn’t clear. Our experience with supposed “free development environments” doesn’t lead me to believe we’re using them as intended.

What is the preferred method for setting up a persistent jira cloud instance for testing api integrations? Lots of the atlassian document that I can find online groups “API and Add-on”, but then when you drill further down, drops the API part and seems to only talk about environments for add-ons. As I said above, we have a direct integration into jira, and would like to maintain a test environment to ensure the integrity of our integration over time (not just a single test & be done). However the environments we create start asking for billing details as if they were actual production instances.

This is the link we’ve been using: https://www.atlassian.com/ondemand/signup/form?product=confluence.ondemand,jira-software.ondemand,jira-servicedesk.ondemand,jira-core.ondemand&developer=true which is referenced in the “Cloud development instances” section of https://developer.atlassian.com/blog/2016/04/cloud-ecosystem-dev-env/.

Is it just the nature of these environments that they are short lived? I don’t even mind working within this constraint, but I am getting the feeling even with that, we’re not using the environments as intended, and I’d like to be a good citizen of this ecosystem.

What is the official word on how to maintain a Jira Cloud Instance for API integration testing? Is there a free option, or for this use case are we just expected to pay for a simple instance? Thanks!

Hi @rob.adams,

Yes, this is still valid. As long as you do not have installed paid apps (that is past the trial period) and within the user limit mentioned below, then you can use the free dev instance for your testing.

  • Jira Software, Jira Core: 5 users free
  • Jira Service Desk: 1 agent free
  • Confluence: 5 users free


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I know it says it can be deleted at any time, but is there any consistency with how often it gets deleted?

Through our own experience, it’s only ever been deleted if we exceed the limits that @iragudo has outlined.

Well written tests should have all the environment details abstracted and then it wouldn’t matter if the environment got deleted and would allow your colleagues to run it against there own instances.

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What will happen if:
a. a free app is installed;
b. and/or a paid app is installed and passed the trial period