Jira Cloud Connect - Issue field single/multi select with select2 ajax call for options

Been looking into Connect Cloud which has modules for jiraIssueFields having types of single_select and multi_select. But it seems like these field types only have options values if added to JIRA DB via API!?

How is this different then me just creating a custom field and updating it’s options via the API?!

I was hoping that atlassian connect cloud would allow for creating field and specifying where options come from!?

In my use case we have tens of thousands of options and do not want to try to keep JIRA DB up-to-date …rather have issue field fetch options directly from our connect-cloud-app. Is this not possible?

P.S. we have this working via plugin for JIRA Server …but now we are moving to Cloud!

Hello, @MichaelGoodnow,

You are right that Connect issue fields are somewhat limited, you indeed have to specify the options up-front and send them to Jira for storage.

There is a new platform for creating apps that we have introduced recently called Forge, which also allows you to add custom fields. These are more flexible and should enable you to do what you had in mind, that is, create a field which shows available options dynamically. I encourage you to explore it:

The way to create a field that displays options would be to use the string data type (to store the option name as the value – you can also consider number to store just the ID), and implement options fetching in the custom edit rendering function.

If you have further questions regarding Forge, we have a subsection dedicated to it here: https://community.developer.atlassian.com/c/forge