Jira Cloud development instances with Premium features

There are several features that are available only in Jira Cloud Premium. The main differences for us are:

  • Advanced Roadmaps (in Jira Software)
  • Insight Asset Management (in Jira Service Management)

These features are not available in the standard free Jira Cloud development site. As we integrate our app with Advanced Roadmaps and Insight then we need to access to these REST APIs in our individual developer instances. Previously we used DEVHELP “Large dev/test instance request” tickets and asked to change some of our developer instances to the Premium plan. But now for the last ticket we got the response that only one Premium site per app can be provided.

We do not need large dev instances but we need small dev instances where Premium features are enabled.

Atlassian: How can we get multiple dev instances with Premium features enabled for our developers, as well as for our support to investigate problems reported by customers?

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We also need this for JMWE development and support.

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+1 for JSU development and support

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+1 We have exactly the same problem for Rich Filters.

+1 Same request with respect to the retrieval and display of Parent Links.


+1 Hierarchy integrates with Advanced Roadmaps but we have no way to test this works as expected without a premium instance.