Jira Cloud development instances with Premium features

There are several features that are available only in Jira Cloud Premium. The main differences for us are:

  • Advanced Roadmaps (in Jira Software)
  • Insight Asset Management (in Jira Service Management)

These features are not available in the standard free Jira Cloud development site. As we integrate our app with Advanced Roadmaps and Insight then we need to access to these REST APIs in our individual developer instances. Previously we used DEVHELP “Large dev/test instance request” tickets and asked to change some of our developer instances to the Premium plan. But now for the last ticket we got the response that only one Premium site per app can be provided.

We do not need large dev instances but we need small dev instances where Premium features are enabled.

Atlassian: How can we get multiple dev instances with Premium features enabled for our developers, as well as for our support to investigate problems reported by customers?

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We also need this for JMWE development and support.

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+1 for JSU development and support

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+1 We have exactly the same problem for Rich Filters.

+1 Same request with respect to the retrieval and display of Parent Links.


+1 Hierarchy integrates with Advanced Roadmaps but we have no way to test this works as expected without a premium instance.

I have been facing the same issue for two years while developing apps for Confluence Cloud.

Myself and my team are bogged down often by the "Developer Instance"s being downgraded to the free plan. It is essential that we develop with the Standard Plan because we interact with the permission system which is unavailable to the Free Plan.

I received this email again today, telling me that I will be downgraded to the Free Plan, implying that all of the boilerplate I use in an instance will need to be recreated again, which is a collossal waste of time for myself and every one of my teammates every time we get downgraded:

Action required to keep your subscription

Hi Dewald,

On Nov 9, 2022 the following products on (dvh12.atlassian.net) will change because we haven’t received payment details:

  • You’ll be unsubscribed from any app on your site that requires payment.
  • Provided you meet the user limit requirements, your Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Jira Work Management subscriptions will be changed to the Free plan.

If you’d like to continue using your products and apps without interruption, add your payment details.

Add payment details

If your details look correct, please try a different payment method or contact your bank. Banks sometimes decline payments due to restrictions on international transactions.

What if I’m unable to make payments?

Here are some actions we suggest you take:

Export your data:

We advise you to export your business data from your Atlassian instance. For more information, see our Data Storage FAQs.

Downgrade to a Free plan:

  1. If applicable, you’ll first need to reduce users to 10 or fewer (three agents or fewer for Jira Service Management). Go to your site’s admin at admin.atlassian.com. Select the Organization and go to Manage users. Find users you want to remove, and select Show details. From there, remove the user.

  2. Change to the Free plan at admin.atlassian.com. Select the Organization, go to Billing, and select Manage subscriptions. Select Change next to your plan for each product. Select the Free plan and confirm.

Contact us:

If you need to speak to one of our team members about your situation, please submit a request to the Atlassian Support Team.

Thank you for taking action at your earliest convenience.

Atlassian Support Team

@atlassian , is there a way that we can acquire instances that remain on the standard plan?


We also have the same problem. I appreciate a solution to this issue.

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Anything from Atlassian on this in the last 3 months? How are we supposed to develop apps for standard and premium customers when the dev environments are limited to free.



Hi folks,

old thread, but did anyone of you got premium upgrade while keeping 10 users license? We also need premium instance but don’t need 1000 users.


Echoing the other fellow partners in this thread, we would love to count with this premium instance for development purposes.

Hey Eduardo, I found some more info (thanks to @matthias on Slack). So all partners get credit to spend on Atlassian products: Log in with Atlassian account

You can use this credit to get Premium plans. The problem is I do not know where to request this thing, maybe @matthias has more info?

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Hi @chhantyal - Thanks for providing more details, I just checked that you can open a request asking for these credits directly from this page that you shared:

As a word of caution, I was told that the internal credits are not replenished annually (which is to say that they are apparently a one-time lifetime grant). Depending on the tier of the premium subscription you choose, that dries up rather quickly.