Jira cloud interpretation of a webhook response

Does Jira Cloud (or any other Atlassian cloud product) takes into account result of a webhook request?

For example: I register in my add-on a login webhook on https://my-login.com/newlogin address. Whenever user logs in to JIRA I get a webhook event on that address. What happens if I return http reponse code other then 200? Does Jira interpret it somehow? What if I return some content in a response?

What I want to achieve is that when my webhook is called I want to have some impact on JIRA - for instance force user relogin etc. I know I can in my webhook call appropriate REST to JIRA, but I want to act immediately from a webhook is it somehow possible?

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It’s my understanding that webhook events are posted to add-ons asynchronously, meaning that JIRA doesn’t do anything with the result that your add-on returns. I haven’t actually tried returning a non-200 status, and maybe JIRA would spank you somehow for doing so, but I’m almost certain there’s nothing productive that you can do by returning a non-200 response.


HipChat allows you to send back data on a web hook call:

It’s the only product that does that though :frowning:

If you’re wanting to have an impact on the user level you’ll need to do it at a ui level (web-panels are awesome :slight_smile: ) and basically have it do things though javascript.