Jira Cloud/REST API - create sprints in bulk from a CSV file

I have a CSV file that has all of my sprints for the following year by project.

how do I bulk import the sprints using REST API? Please provide step by step instructions including the format of the CSV file. many thanks.

Hello @StefanieSullivan

Can I assume you’re the same Stefanie Sullivan who asked how to bulk upload Sprints to Jira Cloud in this thread in the Public Community Forum?

If so, that’s a seriously non-trivial question. It’s akin to asking for someone to provide step by step instructions on how to rebuild your car’s engine. Not to be rude, but, if you have to ask the question, you’re better off taking the car to a motor mechanic.

As I advised in my response to you in the Community Forum, I created JiraSprintBuddy for people with your exact need and who don’t have programming skills. I suggest your best course of action is to use it.

Thanks for the response. I appreciate what you are saying. I unfortunately cannot install anything on my laptop or have access to google drive.

I have been able to find some useful links googling which may help others.

here they are:

I will try to post more when I can. Its only letting me post 2 links