Jira cloud rest API edit issue endpoint is not working for transitioning status

Hi, community
I have recently used edit issue endpoint for updating issue status and other field values
but edit issue endpoint is updating value other then status transition and endpoint give 204 response code
I have used PUT /rest/api/3/issue/{issueIdOrKey} endpoint in postman with give body

“transition”: {
“fields”: {
I get 204 response code and assignee is changed to “Unassigned” but status is not changed
is I am missing something or this endpoint is not work for transition the status ?

Hello @MehulPateliya

Google “jira rest api transition issues” to know how to correctly transition issues using the REST API.

Hi @MehulPateliya,

To expand on @sunnyape’s answer, you can use Transition issue API.
In order to ensure that the issue has the appropriate transitions, you can check Get transitions first period to the POST call.