Jira Cloud REST API for next-gen projects - fetching all custom fields for specific projects

In classic Jira Cloud projects there is this REST “GET /rest/api/3/field” which returns all custom fields on the system.

In next-gen projects custom fields are configured per project and I couldn’t find any REST that returns the custom fields for the specific next-gen project. Can anyone share how they are dealing with that issue and how they are fetching the fields for next-gen projects?

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Hi @GeorgiKaraboychev,

The API GET /rest/api/3/field returns scope element for next-gen fields.
For example:

"scope": {
      "type": "PROJECT",
      "project": {
        "id": "10243"

This element is returned only for fields used in next-gen projects. The project.id holds the id of the project.

I know it’s far from ideal. But there are no dedicated next-gen APIs available to enable this scenario.


Hi @jtrzebiatowski , is there still no better solution than this as of today?