Jira Cloud REST api for user picker not working on fresh install

We have onboarding flow where we need to show user picker on post installation page of our app. On this onboarding page this user picker API (/rest/api/2/user/picker) does not return any response but retrying after few minutes (approx 4-5 min) it starts working fine.
Any idea on why this could happen? We are using AP.request to fetch the response from this API.
We have seen few uninstallations due to this issue as its starting point in our app, so any pointer on this issue will help us solve it sooner.


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I’m experiencing a similar problem.

I’m trying to set some fields immediately after the app installs but occassionally the API call fails. It works when it’s tried again a few minutes later.

I’m doing my API calls inside the connect_addon_enabled hook and waiting 5 seconds but even then, sometimes it still fails.

The customers where it fails the first time around often uninstall the app.