Jira Cloud Rest API Log File?

I have successfully integrated my CRM with the Jira Cloud platform REST API to pull issue records/details.

I am now trying to create an issue via the API and am getting the following error:

“We can’t create this issue for you right now, it could be due to unsupported content you’ve entered into one or more of the issue fields. If this situation persists, contact your administrator as they’ll be able to access more specific information in the log file.”

I’d love to look at the log file to figure out exactly what the issue is so I can resolve it, BUT I cannot for the life of me locate the log file.

Can anyone point me in the direction of the Jira Cloud Rest API log file?

Hello @MattKlein1

There is no ‘log file’ that is specific to the REST API. Everything the REST API has to tell you about what you did wrong, it told you in the response to your query.

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Then why does the API response I get tell me to look in the log file?

Hello @MattKlein1 and @AlexSeifert

That’s a reference to Jira’s inner audit log. That log is not really something that you can ‘just read’, as access to it is restricted.

Still, I doubt it will log any ‘answer’ as to what was wrong with your request, as the audit log really just tracks access requests, times, credentials used etc at the event level, it is not a ‘reverse engineering bad REST API requests’ type log. You’ll need to research the Jira Cloud audit log as what it logs and who can access it for you. .

The error you got back from the REST API is more instructional. It essentially said you tried to put the wrong sort of content into a field. It will be faster for you to systematically work out which specific field is the one that is refusing the content, then work out what is wrong with the content you are trying to put into that filed, correct the mistake in the content, then re-submit the corrected content to that field.

Best of luck.

@AlexSeifert - My thoughts exactly. Why give me an error message that points me to a log file that I don’t have access to?

I will say that the API responses were very helpful and specific about the issues with the request…told me which field and had invalid content and pointed out specific issues with the JSON. I cleaned up those issues based on the API responses and then got the error that I started this thread with.

So, the API responses were great and very “instructional” to a point.

In closing, the message wasn’t really “Something went wrong. Read this log file to find the answer.” it was more “Something went wrong. If you’re 100% sure it wasn’t your fault, then read this log file to help with debugging.”.

With regards the often vague and non-specific nature of error messages from APIs, well, that’s the joy of being a programmer… getting a shiny new puzzle to solve :sunglasses: