Jira Cloud REST API user picker and the acocunt id

Hey there,
maybe I’m searching wrong, but I couldn’t get a valid answer regarding the following topic since yet.

The current REST entry point for the user picker currently supports the (deprecated) user key as a valid input in the query parameter. With the upcoming GDPR changed, this key will be removed and replaced through the account id, which is already defined in the response of this entry point.

while being able to search for all the stuff (name, mail address, and userkey), I’m unable to search for an existing account id. For preselecting user picker fields, it would be cool, if the entry point could support the account id as valid input for the query parameter.


I assume you’re referring to Find users for picker REST API. Upon checking, I can use account ID as input to query query parameter like this /rest/api/3/user/picker?query=557058:945942a9-387e-4676-85a9-7925ca0487c9.

What does your request look like?


Per a recent update from Jira, you will no longer be able to update fields based on name. Account ID must be used. This change broke many of my scripts.

The new and easiest syntax to use is:



"fields": {
  "customfield_10117": {
  "accountId": "5b11682473c23f253a5f7a37"

If you are looking to do this programmatically, you will need to perform a get based on name. I suggest creating a function (that is what I did) for grabbing account ID based on name.

Here is the rest URL you can use:


Just replace the markers: DOMAIN and USERNAMEHERE with your domain and username you are searching for, it should return an object with the attribute “accountId” that you want.

Hope this helps

Not sure if this helps, but if you just want to look up a user based on the account ID you can use:


@Adam2 note that any remaining support for user names will be completely removed in the coming weeks, as per the deprecation notice in October 2018. https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/deprecation-notice-user-privacy-api-migration-guide/