Jira Cloud rest api


My JIRA cloud rest api end points works fine with Postman but if I am trying to call them via Spring MVC ver 2.0.6 using RestTemplate I am getting connection timeout and the url is not getting hit.

Spring MVC code works fine with JIRA server rest api.
With Cloud JIRA REST API I am getting following exception
org.SpringFramework.Web.client.resourceaccessexception:IOError on get request for : Connection Timeout: connect

Is it possible to call JIRA cloud rest api from Spring MVC or it only supports Spring boot framework.


Hi @_uk,

It sounds like the URL that the RestTemplate is trying to access is not the same as the URL in Postman. At the end of the day, any URL can connect to Jira Cloud, it’s not reliant on the implementation.

I realise you’re not using Spring Boot, but the Atlassian Connect Spring Boot library can handle all the authentication requirements for you and create a mechanism for connecting to the REST endpoints easily.

On a personal note, I used to use Spring MVC all the time but I moved to Spring Boot as it has a much simpler configuration. I’m also moving away from MVC to the Reactive stack as well.

Do you have any detailed logging that might help us see what URLs the RestTemplate is trying to access?