Jira Cloud - statlas.prod-atl-paas.net and source map files

Would it be possible to get all of the javascript source map files that is part of Jira’s front end build to either respond with a 204, or at least statlas.prod.atl-paas.net be resolvable outside of the Atlassian network?

Whenever we debug with a customer - the “noise” from an internal server not being available externally is really noisy…



Hi @danielwester,

Thanks for reporting this. I’ve created JRACLOUD-75714 for the Jira team to address.


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[JRACLOUD-75714] Large number of SourceMap load failure warnings makes debugging difficult - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products. is closed but the issue is still there. As the site statlas.prod.atl-paas.net is returning internal IP it is blocked.
It should returns public addresses.
Can you reopen the case please?