Jira Cloud URL change feature and its impact to already installed vendor add-ons

I recently found out about Cloud - URL change feature implemented by JIRA cloud team. I am one of the developers working as a verified vendor with our plugin available in the marketplace. So if our customers decides to change their instance URL, how will Jira Cloud team, notify us of that change, Will it by email, or any other notification channels ?
Are there any new webhook like events which will be triggered in this case, if yes kindly point us to its documentation.
I followed the link provided here and tried out with feature using option 2 - DIY

If I opt for option 1 - does JIRA cloud support team just change the URL on their end or they do the same migration as mentioned in Option 2.

Your input is valuable, and I hope to hear from you guys soon.
Thank you
Prerak Diwan


I am also interested in the mechanism that is notifying vendors about the URL change. We’ve recently had issues with Jira Cloud communication which root cause was stale URL.

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The mechanism and the means to declare your App ready for site renames is described in the announcement blog: Site rename feature for Cloud customers - an update for app vendors & FAQs - Atlassian Developer Blog

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Thank you!

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