Jira Cloud user interface - how does the module setting for location work?

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a app to extend the Project Admin Tab Panel, which I got succesfully to show up in my project settings page but the location seems to not work for me. I also tried mutliple weight values with the location but it always stays at the same spot. The button “Ansprechpartner” should be between the Details and People Button.

Can someone help me?

        "jiraProjectAdminTabPanels": [
              "location": "projectgroup2",
              "url": "/project-config-contacts",
              "weight": 100,
              "name": {
                "value": "Ansprechpartner"
              "key": "project-config-contacts"

Hi @AchmedGurzhikhanow,

Have you tried using the web fragment finder? It shows you all the locations where you can put your own web items / web panels, and so on.

Given that all the locations that it displays are at the bottom, I assume you can’t do what you want here. Happy to be proven wrong though!


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Hello @sven.schatter,

this explains why I saw no change :smile:. Thank you the app is really useful.

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