JIRA Cloud - What site to use for testing now that free site permissions are disabled

Hi, anyone in the community have a suggestion for where to do testing if your addon needs to respect JIRA group/role permissions? Our existing test site just flipped to the new “Free” plan which disabled all permissions so now we cannot test that functionality.

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Hi @Chris_at_DigitalRose,

This is a good question. I’ve also been impacted by this when trying to reproduce issues. Unfortunately I don’t have an answer right now, but I’ll bring this up with our team. Until then, it would be great to hear from the developer community if they have thoughts on this.



Hi @dmorrow,
I actually raised a similar issue with Sunny about adding Premium features (advanced roadmaps in particular) to the dev instances. I believe the dev instances should still have a limited number of users but should offer full Premium functionality (which of course also includes Standard functionality).

Are sites created by http://go.atlassian.com/cloud-dev affected? I couldn’t quite work out, but it looks like there is some kind of discount applied to the standard plan.

On premium, it would be really valuable to be able to test against premium, and by this I mean have multiple premium instances we can use for automated and exploratory testing for testing different environments.

@Chris_at_DigitalRose was the instance that flipped over to the free plan, one of Cloud Developer Bundle (5 user) instances? If so, please DM me your instance name.

@jmort the Cloud Developer Bundle (http://go.atlassian.com/cloud-dev) should contain all advanced permissions features of an instance on the Standard plan.

@david2 agree with your statement re: dev instances and Premium features. I’ve started working on that, and hope to provide an update/progress over the next several weeks.


Thanks @nmansilla!
To be clear, our biggest issue right now is that our app supports Advanced Roadmaps, and when it was still an app (Jira Portfolio), we were able to activate a trial any time we need to work on Portfolio-specific features. Now we can’t, and we have to start a new Jira Premium trial every time (and import data and configuration) which is very inconvenient.

Thanks for confirming, it is what we’re observing too.

Hi there @nmansilla, I have the similar issue regarding that my developer Standard plan instances have “flipped” to Free plan.

I have searched and searched but couldn’t figure out what the cause was, because I have created another Cloud Developer bundle, and that seems to be working fine as Standard plan without “flipping” over to Free plan.

The “flipped” instances were created on the Cloud Developer Bundle site you have linked in your comment.

Could you please be kind and help me investigating this?
Also, are there any time restrictions or else (beside the user/agent number limit) that could cause the Cloud Developer Bundle instances to “flip” to Free plans, that I might have missed?

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@FruzsinaKiss Reaching out via DM.

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@nmansilla should I ignore this message on a Developer Bundle instance or is the instance going to get shutdown (on Christmas Day :scrooge:) because we’ve not added payment details?

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@jbevan - I’ll look at this later today, and follow up on DM.

Hey @nmansilla can you give me an update on this?

@nmansilla we are still seeing instances flip from Standard to Free plan. The affected instances are created from http://go.atlassian.com/cloud-dev. This redirects to a URL with the correct &developer=true parameter.
Once flipped to the Free plan, these instances are no longer fit for purpose for us. Is there a way to revert these instances back to the Standard plan or prevent any new ones from flipping?

@NikolaNedoklanov I’ll follow up over DM for more info.

Hi @nmansilla ,
We have the same problem. Can you share the relevant information with us too? Thanks in advance.

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One more of our test instances flipped to free, I built this one fairly recently to replace a previous instance with the same problem.