JIRA compatible issue in IE edge

Hi All,

I have some incompatibility issues in browser IE 10?

Since i am using my own JIRA plugin, i got attached error only in IE browser, but it was resolved in firefox and google chrome


I request you all for the solution to hide the JIRA error .

My client using the browser IE 10, i need your help to solve this issue in JIRA as soon as possible.

Please do the needful.

Hi @muthukumaran.g,

IE 10 is currently not supported by Jira. The lowest supported version of Jira (7.2) lists Internet Explorer 11 as the only supported version of Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge is supported. See also Supported platforms | Administering Jira applications Data Center and Server 7.2 | Atlassian Documentation

Now in regard to your question to hide the error: that strongly depends on whether this dialog is rendered client-side or server-side. If it is rendered by Jira server-side, it will be difficult to fix this without making changes to the installed instance.

If this error is generated client-side, you might be able to inject custom Javascript code that overrides the AJS.flag method. You can look at the Jira source code to see when this message is generated and if you can override AJS.flag in a way that will allow you to hide this message whilst still preserving other notifications.

Keep in mind: if you’re going down this path you might experience a lot of unexpected behaviour and other errors. Without any doubt, the best solution would be for your client to adhere to the supported browsers list.

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Hi Remie,

Microsoft Edge also not supported by Jira. Currently, I am using the Jira server edition. And it shows different errors while using JIRA. Please find the attachment.

@muthukumaran.g Microsoft Edge should actually be supported, it was added in Jira 7.1.4. If you are having difficulties with Jira on Microsoft Edge, you should report this as a bug to Atlassian Support.